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Complete Store Management

To a select few customers, Cognecy offer complete management of your online store. We understand that by merely mentioning that we offer this service it begs many more questions than we can answer on a website. To know if your existing or new store idea qualifies for this program, we need to do a lot of talking. Ultimately it is our Senior Management's decision as to whether we accept a store or not.

So what do we look for in a 'Store Management' candidate?

There is no real cut and dry answer to this but essentially we are looking for stores with un-saturated product lines in niche markets, with a good customer base and retention, and potential for immediate growth. If you are a new store and would like to be considered for this program, we would like to see at a minimum, some historical success with the same or similar product lines.

For selected candidates, there are several options as to how we approach the contract. Our management contracts are handled on either a commission or a fixed monthly rate basis. However we approach it, our role essentially remains the same in that you will always be in control of your orders and processing but as far as the website and store are concerned, we handle anywhere from 80-100% management of it. This includes the design, software updates, development, and marketing and positioning of your e-commerce store. At the end of the day our goal is to make your store as successful as it can be.

Your success begets our success... it is as simple as that!

If you are interested in our Complete Store Management Solution, contact us today and let's begin discussions.

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