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Whether you have a corporate database project or website database, when it comes to converting or migrating your Microsoft Access, MSSQL, or MySQL databases, you can depend on Cognecy to get the job done right and fast. We have worked on databases for many applications and 'Business Critical Systems' over the years and have extensive experience with data migration.

We specialize in:

  • Access-to-MSSQL conversion/data migration.
  • MSSQL-to-MSSQL data migration.
  • Access and MSSQL data corruption cleanup.
  • MySQL-to-MySQL data migration.



Our pricing model is typically done on a per project basis given the many variables that can be associated with Microsoft Databases.

In general terms however, our standard professional services rate is $105.00/hr (US).

Additionally, we only bill for actual time spent working on your database (e.g. if a custom script takes a few hours to run, you only get billed for the time spent working on the script and not the time it takes to run).

The conversion/migration process:
  • Initial review and inspection of database and the platfom you are moving to.
  • Clean up of original database (defragment indexes, corruption inspection and repair, shrink databse, etc).
  • Prep new database (create, set appropriate collation and default schema).
  • Table level conversion/migration of all data from old to new database.
  • Perform table level validation of all data on new platform.
  • Project related support for 90 days for all issues related to conversion or data migration.

We offer a Professional Services discounts to our Hosted Customers as well as for Developers that use our services.

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