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Microsoft Exchange is one of the most powerful tools on the web, it serves calendaring software, a mail server and contact manager, is the main technology behind Microsoft Outlook.

Its mail server supports POP, IMAP and web email clients, it also features a number of enterprise-grade scheduling tools, and is virtually compatible with any device, your users can set up their inbox wherever they are, so they will never miss an email.

What's included?

No hidden fees.

When you sign up for our Microsoft Exchange packages you will get all the features included in a standard installation, clustered in the cloud for complete reliability. Including Outlook and Outlook for Mac Licenses, Microsoft ActiveSync and Outlook Web Access.

Every user gets 20GB mailboxes, and each one comes with a suite of antivirus and antispam utilities, including SpamExperts and Microsoft Forefront, or in case you use Blackberry, you can take advantage of Blackberry Enterprise Server

All of this can be managed through the billing portal, so you won't have a problem configuring or modifying your server.

Microsoft Exchange clients have access to our ProActive Management Plan.

24/7 email and phone support.

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