About us


We started this service with the intention of being different. The problem and the question that kept coming up was: "Exactly how can we be different than every other hosting company and Remote IT service provider?"
Tough question, yes?

We could hire a brilliant marketing company to write compelling ad copy and create mind blowing graphics
...just like most the other companies do.

We could lambast our site visitors with annoying pop-up’s and 'specials of the day/month/year or whatever'
...just like most the other companies do.

We could boast a lot of false statistics and promises
...just like most the other companies do.

OR . . .

We could do what we feel none of other companies do and just keep it honest and simple by telling our customers what we are about, what we do, and let them know that we are genuinely interested in becoming a major part of their online success and much less interested in having the flashiest website on the internet.

We let our customers know that we are not perfect but work day and night to continually earn their business.
We let each of our customers know that we view them as partners rather than just customers.
Moreover, we just simply talk about what we can do as opposed to what we could, should or want to do.

What motivates us? You do! Because if you are not successful we cannot be successful.

Here is ‘Our Story’:
Cognecy Solutions, LLC started out in 2003 primarily as an Information Management Solutions Provider focused on introducing advanced technologies into medical offices. Early on we aligned with some of the top development and hardware distribution companies. If you have heard the line - "If you build it, they will come." - well, come they did and it was not long before we found ourselves providing not only medical software but also selling hardware and technology consulting services to nearly every industry sector imaginable.

In an effort to manage that growth more efficiently we decided to open an online store to sell our most popular computer platforms. The shopping cart software we chose was a product called ProductCart (developed by Early Impact). We quickly became an expert in this software given that it was an ASP based software built to run in a Windows Environment (note we have nothing against Linux, we just really liked this software). It was not long before we started offering database migration, database tuning, and customizations services to other users of this software. Initially this was done in a very ‘freelance’ fashion (all by word of mouth) but now, more than two years later we found ourselves with a self-perpetuating customer-base that spanned from Sweden to all over the UK and of course the USA.

Due in part to customer demand, in early 2005, we piloted our hosting service and the results were much better than we ever anticipated. In August 2005 we officially moved our hosting service out of the Pilot Stages and dedicated significant resources to growing this part of our business. Since the largest part of our growing customer-base is coming from the UK, this is where we chose to officially launch our services with a later official launch in the USA and the greater European Union. The rest, you could say, is history ... or in our case, ‘History in the making!

We are very excited to be offering our services and do so with an unwavering commitment to be a significant part of our customer's continued online success.

Mark D. Shipp
Chief Executive Manager
Cognecy Solutions, LLC