Dedicated Servers


Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are built based on customer specs so really the sky is the limit.

  • Enterprise Hardware

    We only use Enterprise Grade components. Hardware RAID10 and Redundant 2N A+B power always included in our standard configurations. We will build your Dedicated Server to your specifications or if you prefer, we can make recommendations based on your requirements.


    Our dedicated servers come with premium SATA, SAS and SSD disk configurations, as well as RAID10 hardware, on board cache and Battery Backup. Get up to a 16 core CPU, 256GB of RAM, and a dual socket. Cognecy's dedicated servers are built for fast data access no matter where you are located.

  • Redundant 2N A+B

    Let's face it, power outages will happen either from storms or a backhoe cutting a power line. This is why all of our system have Fully Redundant 2N A+B power sitting on a prioritized city grid with Automatic Failover to secondary power sources for each server and each device in our network.

  • Cognecy Interface

    The Cognecy interface provides for seamless management of all your Dedicated Server services. IP Management, Bandwidth graphing, remote reboots as well as multiple Linux or Windows hosting control panel options.

  • Management

    We offer proactive management, monitoring and security as well as upgradeable levels of all management services. Proactive server hardening, updating and patching along with real time Anti-Virus scanning and reporting. Taking care of a remote server should not be difficult and we are here when you need us.

  • All the other 'Stuff'

    BACULA4HOSTS: Our standard offering of this backup manamgent system offers 15 restore points of all your data and self-service restores.

    KSplice and WSUS: Keep servers up to date and patched with KSplice (rebootless) for Linux and WSUS for Windows systems.

    PCI Scanning: Cognecy offers PCI scanning compliance assistance to ensure your business meets all current standards and requirements.

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