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There are a number of events that could compromise your data, from natural disasters to cybercrime or software bugs, if you really care about your data you should keep regular and complete backups.

Even if you aren't one of our clients, we offer full disaster recovery support for virtually any operating system and database platform so you can always be fully prepared to fully restore your data as if you never lost it.

What we offer

Our Backup as a Service (BaaS) system is a cloud-based platform that allows you to add a configurable disaster recovery solution directly to your server or VM. You are always in control of your data and can decide how your backups are being stored and recovered.

Your data can either be backed up in our facilities (onsite), or you can use the cloud network to store data hosted on servers elsewhere.

Never lose a thing, whenever you need you can download individual files and databases from your backups.

Available For
Pricing (Hosted With Cognecy)
Pricing (Hosted Elsewhere)
Additional Details
Backup servers and virtual machines All clients and customers $2/month account fee, $5 per server or virtual machine; $0.08/GB in 100 GB increments. $6/month account fee, $8 per server or virtual machine; $0.15/GB in 100 GB increments
  • Free for Proactive/Enterprise/Secured Management Clients
  • Includes 15 daily backup/self-service restore points up to 500GB
Proactive/Enterprise/Secured Managed Customers Cognecy Cloud/Dedicated Server Clients 15 daily restore points up to 500GB N/A
  • Additional 500GB and/or 15 restore points + $30/month
  • Offsite replication of 15 restore points, up to 500GB +$30/month
Cloud VPS Snapshots All Cognecy Cloud VPS and IaaS customers $0.15/GB in 50 GB increments N/A N/A

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